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Hi. I’m Yuri Kruman. I’m a corporate Organization Design/HR Strategy Consultant and top-rated executive coach for corporations and fast-growth startups and expert on Employee Experience (EX), board member, and official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, as well as contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur,, Influencive and numerous other top platforms.

A regular guest on top podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire, Wharton Business Radio, As Told By Nomads, Conscious Millionaire and The Blind Entrepreneur, he's also been published or featured on Inc., Fast Co., Time, Mashable, PBS, BBC and numerous top blogs, TV and radio. In his corporate work, Yuri trains client teams on ways to maximize their EX, especially talent retention, learning and development using storytelling, branding and proprietary personal development strategies. 

My consulting, advising and coaching portfolio includes consulting corps and fast-growth startups, executive coaching and advisory work, as well as speaking engagements, workshops and advisory work focused on Organization Design and Development, HR Strategy focused on Employee Experience (EX), Change Management, Customer Experience (CX) and business strategy, impacting thousands of Fortune 500 and startup executives.

I recently published a book, "What Millennials Really Want From Work and Life" (Click for FREE PREVIEW; Business Expert Press, March 2019) and have done numerous keynotes, panels and workshops at corporations, top startups and universities, including Google, The Muse General Assembly, UPenn, Columbia, NYU and 2020 Startups, among many others.

I provide training on ways to...

  • Developing and Implementing a Winning HR/People/Culture Strategy

  • Future-proofing Your Company’s Workforce and HR Planning

  • Increasing Employee Engagement and Decreasing Turnover

  • Winning the War for Millennial Talent

  • Increasing Retention and Engagement for Millennials and Gen Z's with an Effective Benefits Strategy

  • Creating A Compelling Brand-Story Strategy

  • Leading Through Change In The Millennial Economy

  • Training Your Gen X and Boomer Executives to Work Effectively with Millennials and Gen Zs

  • Delivering a Customer Experience that Delights Millennials

In my free time, I write a great deal on subjects near to my heart, as well as coach busy Millennial execs and entrepreneurs and speak. Outside of my work, I love traveling with my wife and two daughters, writing fiction, dining out and photographing nature.

My priority is achieving transformational results for my clients, above all.


Nearly every week, we meet Fortune 500 and fast-growth startup execs running exciting, profitable companies. As soon as they learn we do HR Strategy Consulting, every last one starts to complain about their employees.

Turnover is high.

Engagement is low.

Too many are unproductive.

Too many are unmotivated.

Competitors are poaching our best people.

Some quit before 6 months. A few have even ghosted us this year.

All they want is to get paid more and get promoted.

Nobody wants to pay their dues anymore.

Teams don’t communicate well.

Digital transformation is too expensive and too often ineffective.

Just pricey software that nobody uses or buys into.

We just need “bodies in seats” to fuel our growth.

Can you help me?


At Master The Talk Consulting, we take a unique — and uniquely human - approach to HR Strategy and Organization Development.

Instead of the usual resource- and systems-heavy approach by large consultancies that too often fails to engage employees, we first work to unlock and align individual executives and middle managers’ personal Mission, Vision and Values to company mission, vision and values.


HR Strategy

Transitioning from startup to corporation is often chaotic and fraught for getting the HR part right. We help with creating talent-team-company alignment on Mission, Vision Values, as well as Employee Handbook creation, Hiring and On-Boarding help, Career Pathway design and implementation, setting promotion and pay increase milestones, as such helping build the on-ramp to hiring a dedicated, full-time HR Director.

Organizational Design

There is no shortage of tech solutions out there to ostensibly improve communication, project management and productivity. Getting buy-in and adoption from employees is much harder. We focus on using proven, cutting-edge best practices, tools and strategies to dramatically improve and standardize information and decision-making flows and processes, performance bench-marking and organizational project management.

Every part of our work is focused on creating and scaling a superlative Employee Experience, decreasing turnover and improving engagement, improving employee alignment, morale and productivity, leading to a virtuous cycle of happier employees, happier customers and higher revenues.

Executive Coaching

Just as importantly, we help C-suite execs to get the HUMAN part right in themselves — and in their Human Resource. We work with them to create and grow their personal brand — and the company’s — by telling their story in a compelling way.

With better alignment, they are now free to stop putting out fires and focus on solving problems strategically, empowering and trusting their employees. We coach them to automate, outsource and delegate tactical work, hire, coach, retain and develop top talent effectively, plus become effective leaders, not just managers.

Client C-Suite executives feel more aligned in all areas of their life, get invited for speaking engagements, build a thought leadership brand and win industry awards, as well as start consulting and coaching side-hustles, leading to more business opportunities.

Hands-On Implementation

In addition to creating a detailed and robust Employee Handbook to standardize company culture, we also help with Hiring and On-Boarding, Career Pathway design and implementation, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)/Team Playbook creation and Business Succession Planning.

Given our wide experience in other functional areas of building successful startups, we are also happy to recommend trusted vendors for financial model creation and management, fractional CFO and CMO and other areas.


What Clients Are Saying

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Yuri played a big part in uplifting my business from where it was initially, into where it is today. He introduced to me new strategies and ways of serving others that I didn’t think were possible at the time. He really helped us dial in on our ideal client profiles, as well as our overall presentation, branding, and PR efforts as an agency. Helping us evolve and get in front of much bigger clients. We continue to apply his lessons today. - Jon Sicherman - CEO/Founder of Creative Minds Media Group

"On behalf of all of us from 2020 Startups we want to thank you for the incredible workshop you conducted on June 7th! Our cohort has given us rave reviews regarding your speaking engagement as expounded on intricate details on Growth Hacking and customer-centric strategies. We welcome you anytime at 2020 Startups and thank you for your wisdom shared." - Mark Gold, Managing Director, 2020 Startups

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"Yuri delivered a concise and insightful presentation on the topic "How to Get Into a Top Startup." As a group of Young Professionals, our audience was eager to learn about this idea, and Yuri came through. People were informed and engaged, emerging with fresh and helpful tips for advancing in their professional careers. I recommend Yuri for any platform, and to boot, he is a pleasure to work with.“ - R' Ahrele Loschak, Director, CYP Brooklyn
"Yuri has been a big find in helping us up-level Winspire. Yuri has helped us sharpen our business model and create a compelling value proposition that has made us 10x more attractive to customers and investors. Yuri was also helpful in giving multiple strategies that we were not aware of, to build our Press and Partnerships. His advice has helped us gain visibility in the media and with investors. 

Personally, the biggest ‘wow’ for me has been the way Yuri was able to ask very compelling questions and trigger a change in my mindset – about how I saw my company in my own eyes and my customer’s eyes. It has created an immense confidence in me as a CEO and I can see that confidence translating into results for my company. I highly recommend execs who are stuck in their head to work with Yuri and unlock a potential that will save time and create real results. Thanks for the transformation you've created in my company and in myself Yuri!" - Vin Jeyaraj, Founder & CEO of Winspire
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"What I liked the most about Yuri's training process is that he cares a lot about each person, in addition to giving us valuable knowledge related to getting press, strategic partners and investors. He also helped us a lot in the development of our pitch deck with wise and timely advice, in a comprehensive and holistic manner. I admire Yuri's great optimism and support as well as the positive energy that he transmits. What I have learned with Yuri has allowed us as a company to focus and understand many things about the New York market, what we didn't know beforehand. His training and insights have allowed me to move much faster than we expected in this three-month process." - Paulina Barría Hamamé, CEO of Bikelite

“Yuri partners with his clients in thought-provoking and inspiring ways to motivate them toward action. Yuri is an excellent coach and has created a methodology that spurs clients to maximize their potential. Yuri brought to our sessions professionalism, creativity, resourcefulness and a profound commitment to help get results.” - Michael N., 36, Investment Management Exec

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"Yuri, seriously. I mean this 100%. Tonight’s class was the most valuable event that I have attended at this program. There was a mountain of gold information, and these are notes I will be referring too! Thank you thank you thank you! I am stoked to use your information. It. Was. Gold." - John E. Schweiter Jr., CEO/Founder of Serfpad (R)