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Congrats on deciding to invest in speaking for your organization! It's clear you see the value of executive learning and development to the your company's bottom line and success, which says a great deal. 

I'm honored to be considered as your next speaker to inspire and educate your team. The information below will help you decide whether there is a fit for further discussion.


On this page, you will find what I have to offer, along with what you can expect. To check my availability for your event, or if you have any questions, please click below to get in touch:


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What to Expect from OUR PARTNERSHIP

  1. High responsiveness, complete professionalism and a personal touch, always.

  2. A phone call with me before your event to help us clearly determine how to best serve you and your audience.

  3. An event announcement on my sites and social media channels (presuming your event is public and the extra PR would help).

  4. A highly engaging and interactive presentation complete with story telling and humor, designed to be memorable, actionable and to produce results quickly for you and your team.

  5. A private resource page, custom-tailored exclusively with you and your team in mind. In addition to the presentation slides, it will contain links to books, articles, and other resources mentioned in the talk, along with others, to facilitate the conversation and your team's ongoing development.

  6. A post-event call to receive your constructive feedback and to answer any follow-on questions from you and your team.

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A bit about Me

A public speaker since high school graduation 18 years ago, I've spoken on a wide variety of business and personal development topics. I have been honored to train and address a wide variety of top professionals through the years, including Fortune 500 executives and CEOs of VC-backed companies, thousands of Millennial high performers, plus college and graduate students, among others.

With a breadth and depth of experience in 5 separate industries, including academia (neuroscience), law, finance, tech and coaching/consulting, I bring no-nonsense, hands-on leadership and business experience to everything I do. From consulting Fortune 500 corporations to working in the startup trenches to teaching in the classroom, I've had the chance to teach and learn from thousands of the best and brightest leaders around the world. My current focus is consulting, speaking and writing.

I am happily married to a brilliant French engineer (and fabulous chef). We have 2 daughters and live in (and love) Brooklyn, even if we enjoy traveling all over the world and tasting new cuisines. The blessing of my business is the opportunity it gives for collaborating and creating with remarkable clients (and friends) the world over. Outside of my client work, I'm an obsessive reader of many disciplines and greatly enjoy writing (both non-fiction and fiction) and have published two novels and a series of poems, among others.

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Popular Topics

I speak on topics related to Employee Experience (EX), including Millennial hiring and retention, as well as employee engagement. I also discuss how to develop leaders in your organization, mastering the entrepreneur's mindset, how to custom-tailor and execute on high-ROI digital marketing and PR strategies, as well as how to tell your brand's story effectively to bring in ideal clients and employees. All presentations are created customized to meet your company's and team's particular needs. My focus is squarely on achieving the concrete results you want through our collaboration.

My speeches can be formatted as a keynote or as a workshop, depending on need.  The most popular subjects for my talks include:

Delivering a Customer Experience that Delights Millennials

 Subject area: Customer Experience/Marketing

Learning objectives: 1) Understand the Millennial mindset around spending and getting massive value from experiences. 2) Create a great unified experience for Millennial attendees around the 3 pillars of social media, education and IRL (in real life) experiences at the event. 3) Leave a lasting impression, create repeat Millennial customers and create. 4) Collect feedback for improvements, plus testimonials and reviews at the event to help build your brand.

Increasing Employee Engagement and Decreasing Turnover   

Subject area: HR  

Learning objectives:1) Understand the Millennial mindset around the value of working for you. 2) Learn how to diagnose problems early and turn around the experience before turnover happens. 3) Provide massive value to your Millennial employees while getting the benefit of their best, most engaged and creative work. 4) Learn how to optimize the way you engage with your Millennial workers to improve your bottom line. 

Developing and Implementing a Winning HR/People/Culture Strategy 

Subject area: HR / Professionalism

Learning objectives: 1) Understand the pitfalls of "business as usual" in doing People/Culture the same way you've always experienced yourself. 2) Understand what Millennials need from their workplace to feel fulfilled, respected, learning and developing, plus delivering at peak performance. 3) Understand existing tools, software, assessments and content + assignments you can use to increase engagement and productivity, plus help your people work smart, not just hard. 4) Learn how to track employee engagement and diagnose problems in (essentially) real time and maintain an edge over competitors in the war for talent.


Revamping Your Digital Marketing to Transform Your Brand and Revenue 

Subject area: Marketing

Learning objectives: 1) Understand how to distill the "special sauce" of your brand, product, service. 2) Learn how to communicate that special sauce in a unified, integrated manner over social media, through internal communications and PR/Media. 3) Reach your target market through strategic PR/Media placements, thought leadership and strategic partnerships. 4) Understand how to build a working funnel to attract your ideal customers.


Future-Proofing Your Company’s Workforce and HR Planning 

Subject area: HR / Professionalism

Learning objectives: 1) Understand what Millennials and Gen Zs want from work and life. 2) Diagnose the pain points of poor internal communication and misaligned branding. 3) Understand the full spectrum of employee experience and how to optimize each component. 4) Learn about the main components of the "Future of Work," what they mean for your business as a CMP and how to prepare your business for each of them. 


Increasing Retention and Engagement for Millennials and Gen Z's with an Effective Benefits Strategy

Subject area: HR / Professionalism

Learning objectives: 1) Understand what benefits Milllennials actually care about and utilize at a high rate, which increase retention and decrease turnover. 2) Diagnose your current benefit offerings and their relevance and utilization by your Millennial and Gen Z employees. 3) Learn which benefits have the highest ROI for employee engagement, retention, wellness, development and productivity. 4) Learn about the best and most cost-efficient tools and options for a coherent, competitive and effective benefits strategy and implementation.


Creating A Compelling Brand-Story Strategy

Subject area: Marketing 

Learning objectives: 1) Understand how to distill the "special sauce" of your brand, product, service. 2) Learn how to communicate that special sauce in a unified, integrated manner over social media, through internal communications and PR/Media. 3) Understand how to leverage the diverse and inclusive personal and professional stories of your employees to bolster your brand image and bottom line. 4) Learn how to leverage your brand story to attract high-quality clients, investors, advisors and vendors.  


•Training Your Gen X and Boomer Executives to Work Effectively with Millennials and Gen Zs  

Subject area: HR / Professionalism

Learning objectives: 1) Understand the pitfalls of misaligned mindset and internal communication between Millennials/Gen Z team members and Boomer managers. 2) Learn how to train Boomer managers on communicating effectively with Millennials and Gen Zs on their team. 3) Create processes for quick and regular feedback (open and anonymous) and other communication in both directions, aligning each team member's personal and professional goals with company mission and values. 4) Learn which communication and project management tools and strategies that Millennials and Gen Zs engage with the most and how to get Boomers to leverage them effectively to increase engagement and retention.

•Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Skyrocket Engagement and Profits

•Winning the War for Millennial Talent  

•Leading Through Change In The Digital Economy  

•How to Find and Bottle Your Brand's "Special Sauce" to Create Brand Ambassadors from Employees and Customers

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Automotive Recyclers Association Annual Convention & Expo - 10/31 - 11/3/18 - How to Optimize Millennial and Gen Z Hiring: Retention and Leadership Development in the Automotive Recycling Industry - Orlando, FL

Speaker Faculty - AI+IP 2018 Conference - Innovative IP Strategies for AI Development, Monetization & Protection - May 15-16, 2018 - Washington, DC




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The Next Step

Thanks again for considering me for your event. To check my availability click on the link below. Someone on my team will get back with you right away.