On Holocaust Remembrance Day/Yom HaShoah

Yellow Star
The only consistent, meaningfully lasting way to remember and honor the 6 million Jews who perished in the Shoah is to live without fear a proudly Jewish life with Jewish traditions – yet better in Israel, if possible.

Each of us must do what s/he can to live fully as a Jew in this world, for ourselves as much as for each of the 6 million that never got the chance.

One day out of the year to remember the unspeakable atrocities and myriad lives cut short is a start, but by no means enough.

Museum visits and name readings are of course important, but become a once-yearly footnote without regular reminders from our liturgy and Torah.

We have won over all the empires and dictators and -isms that tried to annihilate us by choosing life. Let us not squander that privilege.

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